Protect Texas Democracy and Public Health

Tell Texas officials to support the democratic process during a public health crisis.

Texans can vote in-person for runoff elections starting Monday, June 29 - one week earlier than the Governor’s initial early voting announcement. We’re pleased to see the early voting period extended, but it’s not a replacement for recognizing that all may vote by mail during COVID-19. Expanding the availability of mail-in ballots, extending the hours and times to early vote, and prioritizing the safety and health of election officials are all necessary steps the Governor and Secretary of State can take to protect our democratic process during upcoming elections.

Send a message to the Governor and Secretary of State to support a fair voting process during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

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Governor Greg Abbott
Texas Secretary of State Ruth Hughes

Graphic of medical hands and voters standing in line in front of the Texas Capitol
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RE: COVID-19 and Texas elections

As you respond to the public health crisis, please protect Texans' access to the ballot.

During this unprecedented moment, I encourage you to take actions that will protect the democratic process in Texas.


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