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Twice this year Border Patrol has been involved in high-speed deadly crashes in downtown El Paso. The most recent tragedy occurred on June 25, which killed seven people, including four El Pasoans.

Border Patrol operates in communities like El Paso without any oversight, transparency or accountability. Police departments around the country have restricted high speed chases because they endanger local communities. Yet, the Border Patrol disregards our community’s safety and never face consequences for their actions.

That’s why we’re calling on the El Paso Police Department (EPPD) to conduct a robust and transparent investigation of the June 25 chase and crash. Send an urgent message to the EPPD, demanding the release of all video and audio recordings related to the incident.

Message Recipients: Greg Allen, Chief of Police, El Paso Police Department

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As a member of the El Paso community, I urge you to release all video and audio recordings related to the June 25 Border Patrol high-speed car pursuit that resulted in the death of seven people, including four El Pasoans.

High speed pursuits do not protect our community — instead they endanger our lives. In the recent crash, the Border Patrol sector chief denied a chase occurred despite witness statements contradicting that claim. For too long, this agency has operated in El Paso with impunity.

The El Paso community deserves to know what happened that night. I urge you to conduct a robust and transparent investigation, and to release to the public the footage related to the incident.


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