Tell Houston City Council: Justice Can't Wait

Houston has not yet taken decisive action on policing. At this critical moment in our nation’s history, our elected officials have an opportunity—and a responsibility—to lead, and that starts with accountability of the Houston Police Department (HPD).

Houstonians from all walks of life have reacted with horror to the brutal killings of George Floyd, Nicolas Chavez and others who have been brutalized or killed by HPD. In the protests that have occurred since, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Houston demanding justice. It's time for meaningful civilian oversight of HPD—not another study or task force to already tell us what we know. That's why we urge Houston leaders to take action and support the recommendations in the Justice Can’t Wait report on policing.

Tell Mayor Sylvester Turner and the Houston City Council: Justice can’t wait.

Message Recipients: Mayor Sylvester Turner, Houston City Council Members

Photo: Two people are pictured with their back facing the camera. They are outside rand raise handwritten signs that say "Black Lives Matter."
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Dear Mayor Turner and Houston City Council Members,

No one should live in fear of being unfairly targeted, harassed, brutalized or killed by the people sworn to protect them. We need Houston city leaders to take decisive action on police reform, starting with meaningful accountability of the Houston Police Department.

Houston leaders already have the tools to take meaningful action to reduce discriminatory policing and violence.

It’s time to act. Justice can’t wait.


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