Two big wins on policing and solitary in NYC

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The New York City Council just made sure two critical bills to increase NYPD transparency and end solitary confinement are now the law of the land.

Councilmembers overrode Mayor Adams’s veto of two pieces of legislation. One is the How Many Stops Act, which will require public reporting on all the NYPD's investigative and enforcement encounters with people. The other is a bill that ends solitary confinement in New York City.

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Speaker Adrienne Adams
Public Advocate Jumaane D. Williams
Council Member Alexa Avilés

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I am writing to congratulate you for holding strong and overriding Mayor Adams’s veto of legislation that would increase NYPD transparency and end solitary confinement.

Int. 586, the How Many Stops Act, requires the NYPD to publicly report information on all investigatory encounters that take place – including those not currently covered by stop-and-frisk data reporting.

Int. 549A will end solitary confinement beyond four hours for de-escalation or emergencies, while still allowing alternative forms of separation proven to reduce violence and better protect people’s health.

Both pieces of legislation are so important for making New York City a more just place to live. Thank you for doing your part to make them law.


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