Reduce Nashville Jailers' Daily Fees to Zero


In Tennessee, counties can opt to charge daily jailers' fees, including to people charged with misdemeanors. Davidson County's jailers' fee is currently set at $44 per day.
For the Nashvillians paying these fees — in addition to other court costs and fees — $44 a day can quickly become an insurmountable cost. Seventy-five percent of Tennesseans who are charged with crimes qualify for appointment lawyers due to their low-income status, and many of the people subjected to jailers' fees remain in jail because they cannot afford to make bail in the first place.
The $44 daily jailers' fee disproportionately punishes these same people as they attempt to navigate the criminal justice system. They should not be subjected to this additional hardship.
While the fee was intended to create revenue for operation of the jails, data shows that many of the assessed fees are never collected at all.
RS2018-1054 would remedy this by "fix[ing] the amount of jailers' fees which may be applied to misdemeanant prisoners ... in the amount of $0.00." With this resolution, the council has the chance to eliminate an ineffective policy which not only failed to accomplish its stated goal, but which hurts vulnerable Nashvillians who are already struggling to afford their court fees and fines.
Tell the Nashville Metro Council: Reduce jailers' fees to zero and help make Davidson County's criminal justice system more fair.
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Dear Council Member,

I am writing to urge you to support Resolution RS2018-1054, which would reduce daily jailers' fees in Davidson County to zero.

You have the chance to right a long-standing wrong and make our city more fair and just. Please vote yes on Resolution RS2018-1054. Thank you for your time.


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