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SB 1380/HB 1406 is a common-sense bill that is modeled after best practices already in place in some police departments in the United States. This bill would enact a number of meaningful policing reforms, including:

  1. A ban on chokeholds except in cases of deadly force;
  2. A requirement that police departments adopt a duty to intervene policy – a duty that arises when one officer sees another using excessive force;
  3. An end to no-knock search warrants; and
  4. New requirements for use-of-force reporting and de-escalation policies for Tennessee's police departments.

While there is still more work to be done to reform policing beyond this bill, this legislation will help reduce the number of violent, fatal interactions between police and community members – particularly people of color, who are so often the targets of police abuse.

We know these practices work to reduce deaths at the hands of police. Research shows that officers at agencies with stricter use-of-force policies have fewer incidents of fatal police shootings and are less likely to be killed or seriously injured themselves.

SB 1380/HB 1406 will save lives, improve community trust in law enforcement and help build more safe and effective police departments in every corner of our state.

TAKE ACTION: Urge lawmakers to prevent police violence by supporting SB 1380/HB 1406.

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