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SB 1722/HB 1605, as amended, bans all flags besides the U.S. flag, the Tennessee flag, and certain other exceptions like school flags and military flags. The bill also allows parents of students who attend a public school – and parents whose children do not attend a public school but who are eligible to attend – to sue the school for violating this legislation.

The sponsor of this bill, Rep. Gino Bulso, has made it clear that his intent is to target LGBTQ+ expression, but this overly broad bill would also ban the display of most flags.

Rainbow flags, pride flags, and other symbols celebrating LGBTQ+ pride are a protected form of free speech in school settings and the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly held that First Amendment protections extend to teachers and students.

TAKE ACTION: Urge legislators to vote NO on SB 1722/HB 1605.

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