Don't Deny Housing to Undocumented Immigrants and Their Families


Freshman Representative Bruce Griffey has declared that he wants to "make Tennessee be the very last place" that undocumented people want to live. To prove it, he has introduced a series of dangerous bills intended to harm immigrants to Tennessee.
One of these bills is HB 614/SB 1167. As amended, this legislation would criminalize any landlord who leases housing to an undocumented person or allows an undocumented person to stay in housing that the landlord leases. Failure to do so would lead to charges and a $350 fine, with increasing penalties for subsequent violations.
This dangerous legislation invites racial profiling and creates the potential for harassment and discrimination. People should not have to worry about losing housing because of their appearance or accent.
This legislation could also leave the 70,000 U.S. citizen children in Tennessee who have an undocumented family member homeless or unable to live with their families. Tell lawmakers not to take up the shameful practice of separating families.
TAKE ACTION: Tell legislators to stop housing discrimination against immigrant families.
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Tell legislators to stop housing discrimination against immigrant families
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Please oppose HB 614/SB 1167, which would criminalize and fine landlords who rent homes to undocumented people.

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