UPDATE 12/21/2021: The Justice Department withdrew and replaced a Trump-era memo that would have forced thousands of people on home confinement back to prison after COVID. We commend this decision for thousands of families and loved ones who now face less risk of being separated from each other. But the threat of an eventual return to prison is still lingering for some. We must continue to urge President Biden to use his clemency powers: Send your message now.

Since COVID-19 hit prisons, thousands of people incarcerated in federal facilities have been allowed to serve their sentences at home under the CARES Act. Many have gotten jobs and reunited with their families and communities. But many of these individuals may be sent back to prison.

Forcing people who have successfully re-entered society back to prison would be cruel, would not make anyone safer, and would waste taxpayer money. President Biden has the power to prevent this impending crisis by granting clemency to those serving sentences at home under the CARES Act right now. Tell him to act.

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Grant clemency to people on CARES Act home confinement.

People currently serving sentences at home under the CARES Act could still be forced back to prison. As your constituent, I'm urging you to prevent this crisis by using clemency to commute the sentences of these individuals now.

As a reminder, the CARES Act of 2020 broadened the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) authority to place people on home confinement to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in prisons, but nothing in it states that they should be sent back to prison once the emergency of the pandemic is over.

Moreover, BOP vetted everyone before moving them to home confinement and determined each person is "low risk." This was a condition of their placement outside of prison. Ninety-nine percent of these people have successfully complied with the strict terms of their placement and many have gotten jobs and reunited with their families and communities.

On the campaign trail, you promised to reduce the federal prison population, but as president, you could preside over one of the fastest expansions of the federal prison population if you do not take action on this issue.


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