Thank Governor Pritzker For Supporting Police Accountability and Criminal Justice Reform


When an officer seriously violates someone’s constitutional rights – including George Floyd and countless others – they must be held accountable. Over the past several months, we have worked with members of the Illinois Black Caucus and other legislators and advocates on language for a bill that moves police reform and criminal justice reform forward in Illinois.

This legislation: 

- Ends the unnecessary requirement that someone sign a sworn affidavit – risking prosecution – simply to make a complaint against a police officer. This requirement is put in place for the purpose of dissuading complaints from being filed in the first instance.

- Creates a duty to intervene when officers see another police officer using unauthorized force and requires police to provide aid to someone that is injured by unauthorized force.  

- Establishes a new law enforcement misconduct offense that would hold officers accountable when they fail to comply with body camera laws.

- Prohibits the use of force by police as punishment or retaliation and limits use of force during protest and crowd control.

- Abolishes the cash bail system in Illinois – ending the practice of holding someone in pre-trial detention simply because they are unable to pay bail. 

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Support Police Accountability
Dear Governor Pritzker,

As a resident of Illinois, I thank you for signing sign House Bill 3653 into law. The bill is a critical first step in creating additional police accountability in our state and beginning to reduce mass incarceration while ensuring public safety.

Over the past several months, we have seen ample video evidence – from the murder of George Floyd to the abusive treatment of Anjanette Young – that we need new laws to ensure police accountability across Illinois and throughout the country. House Bill 3653 begins that process, responding to the voices of thousands who took to the streets across Illinois last summer demanding reform now. A public poll released just before the legislative session showed that 9 out of 10 Illinois voters strong supported legislation like House Bill 3653.

The public is ready for reform and appreciates your leadership in this effort. Thank you for signing this bill into law.


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