Thank Governor Pritzker for Signing HB 2553!


HB 2553 places modest parameters on the collection and use of household electronic data by law enforcement. With the proliferation of these devices – like “Alexa” or a Ring doorbell, there needs to be some rules to protect your private information. Make your voice heard in support of this bill!

Thank Governor Pritzker for signing this legislation.

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Thank you for signing HB 2553!

As a resident of Illinois committed to protecting personal, private information in an increasingly digital world, thank you for signing the Personal Household Privacy Act into law. The new law places modest guidelines on law enforcement collecting and using the data collected by our household electronic devices. Given the proliferation of devices with microphones and cameras – which are always listening and watching – it is critical to have these limits in place to protect our privacy in our own home.

The new law also helps to protect the countless Illinoisans who purchase these devices without ever knowing the capacity they have to collect information, conversations and activities in one’s own home. This personal information should not be available to police without some assurance that the need is legitimate.

Once again, your signature is putting Illinois at the forefront of efforts to protect our personal information.


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