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So far in 2019, Governor Pritzker has signed into law four ACLU initiatives designed to advance civil liberties in our state:

  • SB 25: The Reproductive Health Act - Modernized Illinois’ abortion law, creating fundamental right to reproductive health care in Illinois and codifying current standards of medical practice around abortion
  • SB 2090: Voting Access and Education – A new law expands access to the ballot for persons being detained pre-trial and provides critical information about their voting rights and a voter registration card to those leaving prison or county jails
  • HB 1613: Data Collection on Traffic and Pedestrian Stops – Law enforcement agencies are now permanently required to document data on traffic and pedestrian stops. The data gives agencies an opportunity to evaluate their own departments, and have the data be compared across the state.
  • HB 2134: Maintaining a Reasonable Expectation to Privacy – To be consistent with recent Supreme Court rulings, a new measure requires Illinois law enforcement agencies to seek a warrant or court order before obtaining current, future, or historical cell-site location information

Each of these new laws are an important step forward for Illinois. Thank the Governor for signing these important pieces of legislation.


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Thank you for protecting civil liberties
Dear Governor Pritzker,

Thank you for supporting a series of measures in 2019 that protect basic civil liberties in the State of Illinois. With your leadership, our state made remarkable progress during the past legislative session.


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