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It's time for the Massachusetts Legislature to take action on the Location Shield Act. Politico recently reported that a data broker company tracked people's visits to nearly 600 Planned Parenthood clinics in 48 states, including Massachusetts. The company sold that data to inform one of the largest anti-abortion ad campaigns targeting specific individuals. If anti-abortion extremists can use cellphone location data to target abortion seekers with ads, they can also use that data to target, harass, or threaten patients and providers in our state.

The sale of cellphone location data puts all of us at risk. Every day, companies collect and sell sensitive location information from cell phones, revealing information about where we live, work, and socialize. We must ban the sale of cellphone location information to protect the privacy and safety of all people in Massachusetts.

Please take a moment to email your state lawmakers and ask them to pass the Location Shield Act (H.357/S.148). Your voice and your reasons for supporting civil liberties matter!

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Please don’t wait to act. I urge you to push for this legislation to be passed as soon as possible and to vote in favor of it when it comes to the floor for a vote.


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