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Policing in WA must change. Thousands of people from across our state are speaking out against police violence and brutality in solidarity with the families in our communities who have lost loved ones. The time is now. Delays cost precious lives.

Right now, there is legislation in Olympia aimed at reducing police violence and increasing public safety across the state: SHB 1054, SHB 1310, and SHB 1202. These bills ban the use of hyperaggressive tools and tactics, create a statewide standard for de-escalation, and help hold officers and departments civilly liable for violating peoples’ rights.

Tell Olympia that Washington can’t wait. Policing must change.

Please take action now.

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Support SHB 1054, 1310, and 1202 for police accountability.
Dear Legislator,

I write to urge you to support SHB 1054, SHB 1310, and SHB 1202, legislation that will reduce police violence and improve public safety across the state.

Last summer, tens of thousands of protesters rallied in cities throughout Washington state, and across America, to highlight the urgent need to address issues of police violence, a problem that the legislature started to address with I-940. Yet since its passage, over 100 people have been killed at the hands of officers. While some have resulted in disciplinary actions, justice for families has not been equal under the existing law.

SHB 1054 bans the use of hyperaggressive tools and tactics that result in tragedy for civilians and police officers, escalate the risk of needless violence, destroy property, and undermine individual liberties. These tactics and equipment have been banned by many different jurisdictions.

SHB 1310 creates a needed statewide standard for de-escalation. It will reduce the number of violent police encounters and make our communities — and the jobs of police officers — safer as a result. It requires that deadly force only be used when necessary to avoid imminent harm. Police hold state sanctioned power over life and death, and they should handle that power with care by de-escalating situations.

SHB 1202 removes obstacles to civil liability so that we can hold officers and departments accountable for violating peoples’ rights. When acts of violence go unpunished, a culture of impunity proliferates in law enforcement and distrust grows in communities. Accountability in the process makes us all safer.

Like any other profession, our state legislature needs to regulate policing to prevent harm and set the conditions for better outcomes. These bills promote fair police practices across the state and incentivize departments to have policies and practices in line with the law and in line with community expectations.

Washington is ready for change. I urge you to keep these policing bills moving through the legislative process.


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