Tell Ohio Representatives: Stop Executions by Poisonous Gas

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On January 31, state lawmakers introduced House Bill 392. If passed, it would allow Ohio to utilize nitrogen gas to carry out its capital punishment cases. This is an inhumane method of execution that ends a life through asphyxiation. Nitrogen hypoxia is literally suffocation by poisonous gas.

Experts appointed by the United Nations have even cautioned that this method could amount to torture in violation of human rights treaties.

It is time for Ohio to abolish the death penalty entirely, not waste time and resources to expand its processes.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the Ohio House Government Oversight Committee to STOP House Bill 392.

Take Action: Stop HB 392
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Dear Ohio Representative,

I urge you to vote NO on House Bill 392 and stop Ohio’s death row from using poisonous nitrogen gas to carry out executions.

Capital punishment is already inequitable and ineffective. Suffocation by poisonous gas is an inhumane execution method that Ohio should not adopt. Vote NO on HB 392.


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