Right now the state legislature is considering policing reforms. Now is the time that your representative needs to hear from you!

Racism is at the heart of policing in the United States, and unless we change our laws to hold officers and departments accountable, they will continue to over-police and under-serve communities of color.

Over 100 organizations from across the Commonwealth endorsed bold policing reforms (read more here). Further, more than 450 public health professionals signed a letter urging our state leaders to act.

Tell your state representative to strengthen the House police reform bill.

Please take action now.

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As your constituent, I want to see the House pass bold legislation to end the over-policing of Black and Brown people in the Commonwealth and enable victims of police violence and abuse to hold officers accountable for violating their rights. H.4860 acknowledges the urgent need for reform but does not go nearly far enough.

I’m writing to ask you to strengthen H.4860 in several ways:
-Limit qualified immunity, just for law enforcement officers (Amendment #176, Rep. Hecht)
-Fix a major flaw in state civil rights law that does not exist in federal law or the law of other states (Amendment #100, Rep. Provost)
-Increase accountability through the police standards and training commission (Amendment #77, Rep. Vargas)
-Enable all qualified drivers to be licensed (Amendment #99, Rep. Barber)

Finally, please oppose amendments that would weaken the bill’s balanced regulation of biased facial recognition technology (Amendments #67, 70, 162, 187, and 149).

Please work to make the final version of this bill as strong as possible.


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