During the pandemic, Massachusetts made several positive-but temporary-changes to state law, including increased voting accommodations and virtual access to public meetings. Together, these changes dramatically increased participation in elections and local government.

That's why we're urging lawmakers to support two bills that would make these changes permanent: The VOTES Act (HD1563; SD1002), and An Act to Modernize participation in public meetings (HD2828; SD2143).

The VOTES Act would make permanent many of the short-term reforms implemented for elections during the COVID-19 pandemic, including allowing all eligible voters to request a mail ballot and expanding early voting options. It would also establish same-day voter registration. The second bill would update the Commonwealth's Open Meeting Law to make virtual access permanent and routine.

Let's make sure our leaders support these crucial steps to make democracy accessible for all!

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As your constituent, I urge you to support two bills this session that will make democracy more accessible in the Commonwealth: The VOTES Act (HD1563; SD1002), filed by Rep. Lawn and Sen. Creem; and An Act to modernize participation in public meetings (HD2828; SD2143), filed by Rep. Garlick and Sen. Lewis.

This past year has tested us all, and I thank you for doing everything you can to keep our government functioning smoothly under such difficult circumstances. I hope you'll help take some of the best lessons we learned in order to build a better, more accessible democracy for future generations.


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