The COVID-19 pandemic poses significant challenges for our electoral process, with experts warning that physical distancing may need to continue, in some form, as late as November. Under these circumstances, it is imperative to make voting as safe and accessible as possible.

To protect the right of every Massachusetts voter to cast their ballots in the September primaries and November election, lawmakers should act swiftly to ensure that options to vote by mail are widely available, and that poll workers and in-person voters can take appropriate health and safety precautions.

Tell your lawmakers to support legislation that will protect the right to vote during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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As a constituent, I urge you to safeguard our elections this fall by supporting legislation that would protect the right of every eligible voter in the Commonwealth to cast their ballot safely.

I ask that you prioritize legislation that would (1) dedicate resources to enable widespread voting by mail, (2) preserve in-person voting while taking steps to protect voters and poll workers, and (3) expand early voting.

Nobody should be forced to choose between public health and the right to vote. By ensuring that all eligible voters have the ability to vote by mail, we can prevent disenfranchisement and abide by public health guidelines that mandate physical distancing. The Secretary of State has already made clear that anyone affected by COVID-19 would be entitled to an absentee ballot and supports expanding early voting by mail. Regardless of how we choose to distribute these ballots, any bill purporting to do so must dedicate sufficient resources to the task.

As important as voting-by-mail options are, for a number of practical reasons we can’t rely solely on mail-in voting. In-person voting remains indispensable. In particular, given the disproportionate number of obstacles they already face, communities of color, low-income communities, people living with disabilities, and older people should still have the option to vote in person. To make this process safe, we must take appropriate health precautions to protect both voters and poll workers. Reducing crowds by extending early voting will be crucial to this effort, but so will personal protective equipment, decontamination resources, and physical distancing.

Please support legislation to safeguard our fall elections and urge your colleagues to act swiftly. We have to make sure there is adequate lead time to prepare for the primaries, which are now mere months away. Thank you for your leadership during this challenging time.


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