The Massachusetts Legislature just sent long-awaited police reform legislation to Gov. Baker, and it includes critical provisions to regulate face surveillance and strengthen racial justice!

Section 26 of this bill would place safeguards on the use of racially biased face surveillance technology by the police. We need to make sure that Gov. Baker knows this section is an essential step to strengthening due process and racial justice.

Tell Gov. Baker signs the police reform bill as written, without delay!

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I urge you to sign the police reform bill as written. It is the result of months of tough negotiations and compromises on issues such as police certification, use of force, and data reporting. I'm thrilled that with your leadership the bill will establish a strong police oversight system. And I am pleased that it addresses violent police tactics, including choke holds, tear gas, and no-knock warrants, which are disproportionately used against people of color. We still have much to do in Massachusetts, but I believe these measures are crucial steps forward for racial justice.

In particular, I want to express my support for Section 26, which will regulate government use of facial recognition technology in Massachusetts. This too is an essential racial justice measure.

It is urgent for the Commonwealth to establish basic standards and guardrails for the use of this unregulated, racially biased, and dangerous technology.

Please sign the police reform bill into law without modification or delay.


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