Tell Gov. Cuomo to Rein in Over-Policing

There are three bills awaiting Gov. Cuomo’s signature that will help rein in over-policing and mass-surveillance, increase community trust, and protect the rule of law.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Gov. Cuomo to keep ICE out of courts, ban facial recognition in schools, and prevent law enforcement from accessing contact tracing information.

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Sign these three bills to rein in over-policing

Legislators passed three bills that will keep ICE out of courts, ban facial recognition technology in schools, and prevent law enforcement and ICE from accessing contact tracing information.

You should sign these bills into law without delay.

1) Keep ICE out of courts.

Under the Trump administration, ICE officers lurk inside and around courthouses, waiting to arrest people. ICE’s brazen tactics mean people are effectively prevented from having their day in court.

Legislators passed the Protect Our Courts Act, which makes it illegal for ICE to make an arrest in or near state courthouses.

2) Ban facial recognition in schools.

Biased biometric surveillance technology – like facial recognition software – does little to improve school safety and makes students feel like suspects in their own classrooms while compromising their privacy.

Lawmakers passed legislation (S 5140 (Kavanagh)/ A 6787 (Wallace) that will keep this technology out of schools and mandate that the State Education Department study this issue.

3) Keep police out of contact tracing.

Contact tracing is a critical public health measure that entails identifying people who may have been exposed to COVID. It is essential to preventing another surge in the pandemic so that New York can fully reopen for work and school and so much more. But in order to do contact tracing, New Yorkers must have strong privacy protections.

Legislators approved a bill that will ensure that any contact tracing program will not share information with law enforcement or immigration authorities.

Taken together, these pieces of legislation will protect our health, our privacy, and the rule of law. In doing so they will guard against police abuse and help rebuild community trust.

They deserve your support.


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