Tell Gov. Cooper to veto S.B. 250

Senate Bill 250 would require the State Board of Elections to identify and remove people from voting rolls who — at some point in the past — have been excused from jury service because they said they were not U.S. citizens. That information, however, is often unreliable and difficult to verify. For example, a person's information may not be updated after they become a naturalized citizen.

Similar voter purge programs have resulted in eligible registered voters having their right to vote denied.

What’s more, the personal information of people identified by the courts and shared with the State Board who are potentially not U.S. citizens would become a public record. That means a list of their names, addresses, and birthdates would be accessible to anyone and could be abused by anti-immigrant officials like ICE agents who could use the information to target immigrants.

We need your help to protect the right to vote. Tell Gov. Cooper to veto S.B. 250.

ACLU of North Carolina
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As your constituent, I urge you to veto Senate Bill 250, which could result in registered voters being improperly removed from the voter rolls and jeopardize the safety and privacy of community members who are immigrants.

Please protect access to the polls in North Carolina by vetoing S.B. 250.


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