Tell Congress: Refugees are Welcome Here

President Trump has announced plans to admit 18,000 refugees in the coming fiscal year – the lowest number ever. This is a dangerous development for millions around the world who are seeking our help in order to survive.

As a nation, if we care about humanity and the rule of law, then we must speak up and show our support for refugees. Ask your representatives to demand that the Trump administration return to the historical average of 95,000 refugees annually.

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Reverse Trump's refugee cap

As your constituent, I urge you to fight back against President Trump’s plan to admit 18,000 refugees – the lowest number of any president – in the next fiscal year. We must return to the average annual target of 95,000 refugees.

I urge you to condemn the Trump administration’s unprecedented attack on refugees and return to our country’s norm by setting a target of 95,000 refugees for the next fiscal year.


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