Tell Congress: America Elects Presidents, Not Kings

Take Action. Tell Congress: America Elects Presidents, Not Kings.
Take Action. Tell Congress: America Elects Presidents, Not Kings.

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The Supreme Court has just declared that criminal law doesn't apply when you're Donald Trump – or any other president using the powers of the office. Presidents who use their official powers to commit crimes are now presumptively immune from criminal accountability – even after they leave office.

That means a president could commit absolute atrocities in office – turning the Armed Forces against political opponents, using the Justice Department to investigate or prosecute critics of the president, or worse – and as long as their actions are "official," they'll be immune from criminal prosecution.

We cannot let this ruling stand – so we're calling on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment overturning it.

Inaction from Congress (or the people) at this moment is unacceptable. If our representatives cannot act now – when the Supreme Court has just presented our democracy with an immediate existential threat – then they cannot legislate at all.

Tell Congress: Pass a constitutional amendment restoring presidential liability – because those who criminally abuse the office must be held accountable. No one is above the law: We elect presidents, NOT kings.

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