Take action to support HB 2002 for racial justice in Oregon


HB 2002 is our best shot at racial justice in Oregon.

Our communities have called for transformational change – and we won't settle for anything less. Rooted in our shared values of equity, accountability, healing, and opportunity, Transforming Justice 2021 (HB 2002) will:

  • Limit stops and arrests for low-level offenses to reduce unnecessary contact with law enforcement, like the contact that led to the deaths of Sandra Bland and Daunte Wright.
  • Abolish supervision fees, and eliminate barriers to success for people returning to our communities.
  • Invest in culturally specific services, victim services, and restorative justice.
  • Advance equity by requiring race and gender data collection to ensure that funds are reaching impacted communities.

It's critical that lawmakers hear from you today.

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There are only three weeks left in Oregon's Legislative session and HB 2002 has not yet been passed. This bill is critical for creating racial justice in our state. It MUST be a priority.

Can you reply and let me know if you are planning to support this legislation?


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