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House Bill 8, also coined the “Unsafe Students Act,” eviscerates the trusted relationships between students and their teachers or faculty members. If passed, it would restrict how so-called “sexuality content” can be taught in schools and would potentially put students’ safety at serious risk, particularly LGBTQ+ students. 

By vaguely defining “sexuality content” as “any instruction, presentation, image, or description of sexual concepts or gender ideology,” the bill will chill vital, appropriate conversations about sexual orientation, gender identity, diversity in family/relationship dynamics, and so on.

The bill also would require that schools share various information about a student’s health and well-being with the student’s parents, including “any request by a student to identify as a gender that does not align” with their sex assigned at birth. This requirement contains no exceptions, even in cases where the student may be experiencing abuse at home.

Students, especially those who do not feel safe at home, should be able to approach trusted teachers and school staff without the fear of having their privacy violated and safety jeopardized.

TAKE ACTION: Contact members of the Ohio Senate Education Committee and tell them to vote NO on House Bill 8.

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