TAKE ACTION: It's Past Time for Sentencing Reform


Sentencing reform is long overdue in Arizona. Arizona is one of the only states that provides almost no opportunities for people to earn time off their sentences. HB 2713 would change that by allowing people with drug convictions to earn up to 50 percent off their time in prison by completing programming and treatment that will help them restart their lives. People convicted of other crimes that are considered nonviolent would be able to earn as much as 33 percent off their time in prison. HB 2713 passed through the House of Representatives and heads to the Senate. Urge your senator to vote YES on HB2713!

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HB 2713 Support Sentencing Reform
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It's past time for sentencing reform

As your constituent, I am urging you to vote yes on HB 2713, a bill that will bring long overdue sentencing reform to Arizona.

HB 2713 is a positive step in the right direction. Please vote yes on HB 2713.


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