Tell lawmakers to sustain Gov. Cooper's veto of H.B. 370!


Governor Cooper vetoed House Bill 370, the latest agenda item from anti-immigrant lawmakers. Now, lawmakers are trying to override his veto of this dangerous bill.

H.B. 370 would remove North Carolina sheriffs from office if they refuse to help Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deport community members by holding people in jail for prolonged periods — in violation of the Constitution.

We need your help to make sure legislators stand against H.B. 370 and don't allow this to happen. Tell your representatives to sustain the veto of H.B. 370!
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As your constituent, I urge you to vote to sustain the veto of House Bill 370, which would make it easier for federal immigration officers to terrorize communities across our state. This bill removes protections for victims and witnesses of crimes, requires sheriffs to hold people in jail for ICE for up to 48 hours after they should be released, and threatens to remove sheriffs from office if they refuse to carry out this anti-immigrant agenda.

Please sustain the veto of House Bill 370.


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