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Anti-choice activists across the country are restricting access to reproductive care. Even in Massachusetts, patients seeking safe, legal abortion are forced to travel out of state. Parents, providers, and advocates agree: Nobody should be forced to cross state lines for care.

With the right to safe and legal abortion at risk nationwide, it is important to do all we can here in Massachusetts to expand and protect access to abortion.

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I’m a constituent and I'm asking you to support the ROE Act.

Abortion may be legal, but that doesn't mean it's accessible. Almost immediately after the U.S. Supreme Court issued its landmark decision in Roe v. Wade, Massachusetts adopted a slew of restrictions with the aim of limiting abortion access. Many of these regressive laws are still on the books today, delaying or preventing people from receiving the care they need. Now, Massachusetts should remove persistent barriers to abortion care and forge a new path for reproductive freedom.

Among other important provisions, the ROE Act will safeguard young people’s health and well-being instead of forcing them to go to court to get health care. Forcing a young person to go through the court system delays care—two weeks on average—increasing financial and emotional burdens. For many young people, a two-week delay makes it impossible to consider medication abortion, which is only available in early pregnancy.

Forcing a young person to go to court and share personal details to get health care makes them feel afraid, intimidated, and judged like criminals. For some, the court process is so stressful that they decide instead to travel to other states for care. When the current law took effect in Massachusetts, the proportion of young people seeking out-of-state abortion care rose by 300 percent.

Massachusetts has often led on personal freedom, equal rights, and health care. Most recently, the legislature expanded access to affordable birth control, repealed unconstitutional anti-abortion laws, and safeguarded patient privacy. I am so proud of that record of accomplishment, and I thank you for your leadership on reproductive freedom.

Please do everything you can to make sure the ROE Act passes as soon as possible.


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