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The ACLU of Illinois is working to improve access to quality reproductive health care, removing unnecessary hurdles and obstacles. The Illinois General Assembly has two measures aimed at placing decision making on reproductive health care in the hands of the individual and their doctor.

The Reproductive Health modernizes Illinois abortion law with an approach based on medical standards and the best interest of the patient. The second bill repeals Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act, which forces minors who face an unintended pregnancy to notify a parent if they choose to terminate. The law ignores research showing that most minors seeking abortion share their decision. Those minors who do not have good reasons, including abuse and neglect.

Take action today to make your voice heard on both bills.

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Support Reproductive Rights in Illinois
Dear Representative,

As a voter committed to ensuring that all persons have the ability to make health care decisions without unnecessary obstacles, I urge you to prioritize support for reproductive rights in the Illinois General Assembly this year.

Specifically, I urge support for the Reproductive Health Act and the bill to repeal Parental Notice of Abortion.

The Reproductive Health Act repeals the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975, which imposes criminal penalties targeting health care providers offering abortion care and prescribing some contraceptives. While blocked by the courts, this antiquated law remains on the books and creates great uncertainty. The Reproductive Health Act also removes unnecessary regulations on abortion care and affirmatively protects the ability of individuals in Illinois to parent.

It is also time to repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act. Most minors facing the decision to terminate a pregnancy inform a parent or guardian. When they don’t, they have a real fear of abuse, neglect or getting kicked out of the house. The current law unfairly allows every other decision about a pregnancy –to carry to term, to consider adoption, to agree to complex medical care – to be made by a minor without notifying anyone; it is only when the minor decides to terminate the pregnancy that she must notify a parent. This must be changed.

All people deserve to make health care decisions that are best for the patient – and not have the government mandate these highly personal health care decisions.

Together, these measures are good health policy, good public policy, reflect the values of Illinois voters and protect individuals in Illinois against attacks on access to reproductive health care across the nation and in Washington. I urge you to support these measures.


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