Support Continuing Data Collection on Traffic and Pedestrian Stops


More than a decade ago, Illinois began collecting basic data about all traffic stops in Illinois – including the race and gender of the driver, as well as the reason for (and outcome of) the stop. The data has proved invaluable. Each year, it consistently demonstrates that motorists of color are more likely to be stopped and asked to consent to their vehicle being searched.

For this reason, collecting this data remains an important tool for police officers and the public to identify and combat racial disparities in law enforcement. But if we do not act this year, collection of this valuable data will end. House Bill 1613 keeps the current practice in place, and ensures that the State continues to study and identify the best use of technology to collect, compile and analyze data on these stops.

Tell your State Senator you support continuing data collection in Illinois.

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Continue collecting data about traffic stops
Dear Senator,

As a constituent interested in fairness and effectiveness in policing, I urge you to support House Bill 1613 when the full House considers the matter. Without approval of this legislation, the longstanding practice of collecting data about police stops ends. The current practice ensures transparency and accountability in police stops, and continuing this data collection is good public policy.

For more than a decade in Illinois, data collection around police stops has served as an important tool for police officers and the public to identify and combat racial disparities in law enforcement. The data allows concerns of Illinois residents to be addressed at the local level, resources such as specialized training to be directed to problem areas, the honest efforts of Illinois' law enforcement professionals to be demonstrated, and the civil rights of all Illinois residents to be protected.

Despite improvements in the reporting from some departments, a recent review of data over the past few years shows continued racial disparities in statewide traffic stops and consent searches. Only by collecting, analyzing and confronting this data will we see a review of policies and training that can lead to implementation of practices that prevent biased policing.

House Bill 1613 – and the current practice of collecting this data – is good policy for the public and for police. I urge you to support this important measure.


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