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The Honolulu Police Commission is tasked with reviewing rules and regulations of the Honolulu Police Department, hiring and firing the police chief, review reports, and investigates police misconduct complaints. The Commission meets every other Wednesday at 2pm and accepts public testimony.

In 2019, the Police Commission did not include any metrics on racial inequalities in arrests and we know from pandemic-related violations HPD was 30 times more likely to arrest a Micronesian person and five times more likely to arrest a Black or Samoan person for violations of the COVID-19 orders than to arrest a white person. For our unsheltered neighbors, they saw an aggressive uptick in citation in arrests resulting in reports showing people having up to dozens to over a hundred tickets.

The city gave over 47 million dollars of CARES Act funding to HPD, which they spent on dozens of four-wheelers, trucks and trailers, PPE, and overtime and other payroll expenses. Later the city then suspended HPD’s COVID Enforcement after an audit showed dozens of overtime and other payroll expense violations.

As public officials in our communities, the Police Commission is responsible for advancing public safety. Yet, too often, law enforcement are not held accountable for their actions, continue to increase their budget, and without accountability there can be no justice.

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I'm writing to urge you to make the necessary changes outlined below in the Honolulu Police Commission to keep our communities safe from police brutality and to carefully evaluate HPD’s spending and budget.

For too long, Honolulu police officers have been able to abuse their powers, use excessive and deadly force without repercussions. This lack of accountability erodes trust in law enforcement and makes our communities less safe.


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