Defend free speech in North Carolina

The right to protest is under attack

HB 805 recenty passed the N.C. Senate and has one last vote in the N.C. House of Representatives before being sent to Governor Cooper. This harmful legislation would dissuade many people from engaging in peaceful and constitutionally protected acts of protest. Protesters calling for racial justice, and people who engage in acts of nonviolent civil disobedience, would risk being detained for an extended period of time and punished with years in prison for property damage that they have not caused.

We need you to take action today to defend the right to protest in North Carolina.

If passed, law enforcement could use this legislation to punish people for exercising their right to protest by stacking charges against peaceful protesters. It will certainly have a disparate impact on Black and Brown community members who are calling for racial justice and seems to have emerged as retaliation for the uprising for racial justice we witnessed last year.

Protesters charged with rioting would face significantly increased penalties, and by requiring a judge, not a magistrate, to set bail for people with riot charges, it all but guarantees that someone arrested at an afternoon or evening protest will spend at least one night in jail before having an opportunity to pay bail and go home.

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