Stop Student Surveillance

Companies are aggressively marketing invasive and biased biometric surveillance technology, like facial recognition software, as the answer to school safety. A growing number of schools in New York State are showing interest.

But this risky surveillance does little to improve school safety and makes students feel like suspects in their own classrooms.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Governor Cuomo to stop the surveillance of students.

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Stop Student Surveillance
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Stop Student Surveillance

I'm writing to ask you to keep our students safe from biometric surveillance.

The state is allowing schools to spend public funds on biased, unproven, and potentially dangerous surveillance systems that infringe on student privacy and fuel the school-to-prison pipeline.

This technology is often purchased without input from parents and students or any evaluation of its effectiveness or risks. School districts have also failed to create privacy policies that protect
students’ most sensitive data and limit who can access it.

I'm writing to ask you to put a stop to this.

Legislation introduced in the legislature, S 5140 (Kavanagh), will keep facial recognition and other biometric surveillance technology out of schools and require a study of the impacts of this technology.

There is no quick fix to ensure school safety. Invasive and biased technology is not the answer. Please sign this legislation immediately to keep invasive surveillance technology out of schools.


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