Stop SJR 5 - Bad Bail Bill

Senate Joint Resolution 5 is an attempt to derail the proactive, bipartisan, bail reform efforts that have been brewing in Ohio for years. This bill - along with its companion HJR 2 in the House - seeks to enshrine cash bail in Ohio’s Constitution by using divisive rhetoric to blur the lines between public safety and cash bail.

To be clear, cash bail does not promote public safety, it just allows people with money to purchase their freedom. Since its inception, cash bail’s purpose has been — and continues to be — ensuring court appearance for individuals accused of crimes. Conditions of release and other practices actually help keep us safe.

These new efforts are unnecessary and deeply misguided. The true solution to reforming Ohio’s broken cash bail system is by advancing existing legislation, SB 182, a bipartisan bill that will enhance public safety, end wealth-based detention, and keep communities together. This bill — and this bill alone — should move forward as the sole vehicle to create a fair pretrial justice system.

We know that cash bail creates a two-tiered system of justice in which people who can afford their freedom go home to their families, and those who cannot are forced to suffer in jail. On any given day in Ohio, there are as many as 12,000 people held pretrial.

TAKE ACTION and tell the Ohio State Senate to reject SJR 5.

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Dear Ohio State Senator,

I urge you to stand in opposition to SJR 5, a misguided, false bail reform effort.

Please stand in opposition to SJR 5, as it is not the pretrial fairness solution that Ohioans want or need.


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