Stop Mass Warrantless Surveillance: Reform Section 702

The House of Representatives just passed a bill reauthorizing Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and expanding the federal government’s power to secretly spy on Americans.

When the government wants to obtain Americans' private information, the Fourth Amendment requires it to go to court and obtain a warrant. But the U.S. government has repeatedly used Section 702 to conduct warrantless surveillance of Americans, including protesters, members of Congress, and journalists. By expanding the government’s surveillance powers without adding a warrant requirement that would protect Americans, the House has voted to allow intelligence agencies to violate the civil rights and liberties of Americans for years to come. The Senate can still rein in this out-of-control government spying, but we must act quickly. Tell Congress to protect Americans’ privacy and vote NO on this expansion of government warrantless surveillance.

Protect digital privacy
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Protect Our Right to Privacy: Reform Section 702 of FISA

As your constituent, I am deeply concerned about the government’s use of Section 702 to justify spying on Americans’ online communications without a warrant. I urge you to let this law expire unless it is fundamentally reformed.

Please protect our right to privacy on the internet: Do not allow Congress to reauthorize Section 702 without critical reforms, including requiring the government to obtain a warrant before searching the communications of Americans.


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