Stop HB 453, Abortion Ban in NC

Help Defend Abortion Access in NC!

Access to abortion is under attack in NC, and we need you to contact lawmakers today!

HB 453 would ban abortions based on the reason behind the person’s decision. It coopts the mantels of racial justice and disability rights in an attempt to chip away at abortion access, while doing nothing to promote equality.

The purpose of “reason” abortion bans has never been to promote racial equality, to improve maternal or reproductive health, or to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

These bans are a part of a larger campaign to pass as many laws as possible to gut the constitutional right to abortion and to create stigma. They are just another means of controlling women’s bodies, decision-making and reproduction.

Let’s be clear. Access to abortion care is a fundamental right. And it’s one that we need your help in protecting.

The decision of whether and when to continue or end a pregnancy is one that can only be made by pregnant people, their family, and their health care provider -- not the government. Use this form to urge your lawmakers to oppose HB 453.

Our team is working with coalition partners at the legislature to stop HB 453, and we are counting on you to help to protect access to abortion care in North Carolina. Thank you for taking action today!

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