Stop HB 294, Ohio’s Anti-Voter Law

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A sub-bill was introduced on November 17 for House Bill 294, which will harm Ohio voters and make it more difficult to vote. The new version of the bill no longer includes automated voter registration and verification – the most significant positive component of the original bill.

Here are just a few additional reasons why we oppose this bill. Sub HB 294:

  • Eliminates the last day of early voting, reallocating the lost hours during weekdays, but not during the final weekend;
  • Codifies a confusing early voting schedule with variable weekday hours during the final week of early voting;
  • Limits Boards of Election to 3 drop boxes, only allows them to be set up at the county board office, and only permits their use starting 28 days before an election;
  • Eliminates curbside voting provisions that were in the original HB 294; 
  • Continues the prohibition of grandchildren dropping off absentee ballots and creates new criminal penalties for unauthorized ballot returns;
  • Requires citizenship status to be listed on Ohio driver’s licenses.

TAKE ACTION: Contact the House Government Oversight Committee and tell them STOP House Bill 294.

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I am writing to urge you to take a stand against House Bill 294, which will restrict voting rights in Ohio.

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