STOP HB 245: Ohio’s Drag Ban

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By creating a new criminal offense of “unlawful adult cabaret performance,” House Bill 245 would effectively ban drag performances in Ohio. It does so by specifically naming “performers or entertainers who exhibit a gender identity that is different from the performer's or entertainer's gender assigned at birth.” The bill also relies on notoriously vague legal standards used to determine whether content is considered obscene and/or “harmful to juveniles.”

This bill represents an unacceptable attack on our First Amendment rights to freely express ourselves. Drag is protected speech, just like any other art form. It is NOT a crime. Support drag queens and kings – and the entire LGBTQ+ community – by speaking out against this bill.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Ohio lawmakers to protect Ohioans’ First Amendment right to express themselves on and off the stage. HB 245 must be stopped!

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I urge you to STOP House Bill 245 and protect freedom of expression in Ohio.

I ask that you REJECT HB 245 and protect free speech in our state.


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