Stop Attacking Kentucky Immigrants


Governor Bevin is demanding lawmakers pass, “as soon as possible,” a piece of overly broad legislation that would ban so-called “sanctuary cities” in Kentucky, even though no such locality currently exists in the Commonwealth!

The ACLU of Kentucky opposes this legislation because it could result in the unconstitutional detention of people held in local jails (opening up localities to costly lawsuits), further undermine community trust in law enforcement, and disrupt safe learning environments on our school campuses. Send a message to your legislators to vote NO on this bill.

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Oppose Anti-Immigrant Legislation
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As your constituent, I ask you to vote no on the bill banning sanctuary cities in Kentucky. This overly broad legislation will impact our educational institutions, damage public safety, and further undermine community trust in law enforcement.

Kentucky faces a lot of challenges. We need to be using our precious time and resources to find solutions that promote safety and well-being in our communities. This legislation fails to pass this most basic common sense test by diverting much-needed local resources and people power to federal immigration law enforcement. We can do better and I urge you to vote no.

Thank you for reviewing my concerns and for your service to the Commonwealth.


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