Some state representatives want to force cities to cooperate with Trump’s deportation machine

Stand up for cities that welcome immigrants!

House Bill 28 will force municipalities to participate in President Trump’s ramped up deportation effort. The legislation prohibits cities, towns, and counties from making locally-informed decisions about working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). If this bill becomes law, any public employee can contact ICE at any time, and local authorities would be forced to detain people at ICE’s request, even without judicial review.

Many counties in Pennsylvania will only hold people in jail at the request of federal immigration authorities if that request is accompanied by a court order. These counties are honoring their obligations under the Constitution. And some cities have also implemented policies to build an environment of trust between city agencies and immigrants.

Unfortunately, the response from some state representatives is to pull all state funding from those counties and cities.

Tell your state representative to vote NO on House Bill 28.

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Support the Constitution. Vote “NO” on HB 28.
Dear Representative,

The state House may soon vote on House Bill 28. This legislation withholds all state funding from local governments that leave the enforcement of federal law to federal authorities and that respect the Constitution’s demand to not detain people without judicial review. Our fundamental values as a country include welcoming immigrants and a refusal to hold people in jail without a very good reason. I oppose House Bill 28. Please vote “no” on this bill.

Some communities in Pennsylvania have chosen to honor the Constitution and to welcome immigrants. These municipalities do not deserve punishment from the heavy hand of the General Assembly. Please vote “no” on House Bill 28.


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