Send a Letter: Demand The Oregon Legislature Support Justice for People Imprisoned by Racist Non-Unanimous Juries!


Right now hundreds of people in Oregon are sitting in prison during a pandemic even though up to two jurors voted "not guilty" in their cases.

These are called non-unanimous juries and they were designed to silence jurors so a white majority could convict whoever they wanted. This week is our best chance before February 2022 to let the Oregon Legislature know that we haven’t forgotten about the racist stain of these juries on our state. And they must act.

Even though the Supreme Court of the United States recently ruled non-unanimous juries are unconstitutional and acknowledged they are rooted in racism, hundreds still remain in prison because of the date of their conviction. Many have served their sentences but are still burdened by wrongful convictions.

And as per usual Black people continue to bear the brunt of the consequences of non-unanimous juries.

It is now more crucial than ever that we push the Oregon Legislature to action. This is the last week legislators are in office until February, which means it's our best chance to influence which issues they take action on in the next session.

Send a letter today to the Oregon Legislature and demand they support legislation that allows people impacted by non-unanimous juries to seek a retrial.

Our people deserve a shot at a fair trial they never received.

It's critical that lawmakers hear from you today.

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I’m writing to urge you to take action on the unfinished business of non-unanimous juries in Oregon, and all those who are still impacted by this racist law. I’m asking you to start working now to pass legislation in the February session to allow people the opportunity for a retrial of all cases that are unconstitutional because they were decided by non-unanimous juries.

We all have a responsibility to dismantle systemic racism and oppression. We urge you to take action on this matter today.


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