Senate: No SCOTUS Confirmation Until After the Inauguration

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was no ordinary woman. She was a champion of civil rights, the co-founder of the Women's Rights Project at the ACLU. Whoever takes her seat will shape civil liberties in our country for generations.

Trump is threatening the very legitimacy of the Court – and all of us – by trying to rush through a nominee. Hurrying a nomination means that the Senate cannot meaningfully do its job with so little time left in this term. It means that the people already voting, including you, won't be heard. We can't accept that fate. We have to take action. Join the growing cries of dissent across the country so we are too loud to ignore: Send a message to your senator urging them to delay a SCOTUS confirmation until after the inauguration.

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Confirming a Supreme Court justice is one of the Senate's most solemn obligations and impacts the legitimacy of the Court. I am urging you – as your constituent – to not expedite this most consequential of decisions and to hear my voice and my vote in the election already underway. Delay any confirmation process for Justice Ginsburg's replacement until after the inauguration.

Please, you were elected to represent your constituents. As one, I’m urging you to fulfill your role as a senator by giving this most significant decision the time and consideration it requires: Delay any SCOTUS confirmation until after the inauguration.


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