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We said it over and over again during the 2023 South Dakota legislative session: When it comes to gender-affirming care for minors, decisions belong to patients, their parents, and their doctors – not politicians. It is unconstitutional to single out one group of people and categorically ban all care.

Some of our elected officials disagreed. House Bill 1080, legislation that prohibits doctors from providing life-saving gender-affirming health care to trans youth in South Dakota, passed and was signed into law.

But a federal judge in the 8th circuit court – the same jurisdiction South Dakota falls under – permanently blocked an Arkansas law that aimed to ban gender-affirming care for transgender youth. The judge said the law, which is similar to South Dakota's, violates the constitutional rights of transgender youth, their parents, and their medical providers.

This decision sends a clear message: Laws like this, when tested by evidence, are indefensible under any standard of constitutional review.

It's not too late, however, for the same legislators who supported House Bill 1080 to change their positions and use their power to undo the harm the new law will inevitably cause for trans South Dakotans (and avoid costly taxpayer-funded litigation, like in Arkansas).

That's why we need to send a message loud and clear to our lawmakers that it's time to respect trans kids and their health care needs. Even when our legislators aren't in Pierre, they need to keep hearing from you, their constituents. Send your message now!

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Ask your legislators to support trans health care in 2024.
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When House Bill 1080 passed during the 2023 legislative session, I was very disappointed.

Decisions about health care for trans youth belong to patients, their parents, and their doctors – not politicians.

Fear-mongering and misinformation about trans health care does not hold up to scrutiny. Science, medicine, and the law are clear: Gender-affirming care is necessary to ensure trans South Dakotans can thrive and be healthy.

I hope you'll use your power to undo the harm of House Bill 1080 in 2024.


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