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The South Carolina Senate has passed its version of the state budget, and included are three anti-LGBTQ+ "provisos," or amendments that would pass alongside the budget. These anti-LGBTQ+ attacks must not be allowed to remain in the state budget – email the members of the South Carolina Budget Conference Committee to tell them you'd like these discriminatory provisos to be removed:

  • Amendment 24 would function as a curriculum censorship bill. The proviso is similar to Florida's so-called "Don't Say Gay/Trans" law.
  • Amendment 32 is a censorship proposal that seeks to limit public libraries from carrying LGBTQ+-related books.
  • Amendment 95 would block funds for the Pediatric Transgender Clinic at the Medical University of South Carolina.

And, the Medical Discrimination Act is an extremely dangerous proposal that would allow all medical practitioners and health care institutions to refuse to provide care or perform a procedure that they allege violates their moral, ethical, or religious beliefs. This would legalize discrimination against South Carolinians seeking medical care.

This is not the time to stop paying attention or wait for the next legislative session: Message the South Carolina Budget Conference Committee NOW and urge them to remove these provisos and pass a clean budget that doesn't target LGBTQ+ South Carolinians.

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Thank you so much for your service and your work for South Carolinians! Please remove the following three provisos from the state budget: 24, 32, and 95. I also oppose the Medical Ethics and Diversity Act House Bill 4776 and do not want to see that as our law – please stop it immediately. As a South Carolinian, I am concerned about these amendments and would like them removed completely.

Thank you.


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