Save Lives: Alternatives to Racist Police Institutions Now

True justice would be if George Floyd were still alive. True justice would be Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland – and countless others – still being alive. Instead, their lives were lost at the hands of law enforcement largely because in the U.S. heavily armed police officers are the first, last, and only resort in Black communities.

Our country needs to re-examine public safety to save Black lives and reduce racist police violence – and the critical solutions to do so are straightforward: from training civilian professionals as first responders in mental health crises to dealing with low-level offenses through tickets instead of force, arrests, and preventable death. President Biden can use the power and purse strings of the federal government to make sure these proven alternatives are embraced by every city across America. Send this message to Biden now.

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Save Lives: Alternatives to Racist Police Institutions Now
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Save Lives: Alternatives to Racist Police Institutions Now

The deaths of George Floyd and Daunte Wright are part of a heinous and long-standing pattern of officers over-policing Black communities, leading to the killings of Black people and other people of color. It's time to fully fund true community safety and health in Black communities that helps bring the era of racist and violent policing to an end, and I'm urging your administration to take action toward that vision now.

Specifically, I'm asking your administration to: (1) publicly encourage cities nationwide to embrace alternative approaches to armed police officers in the types of situations that led to the death of George Floyd and so many other Black lives; (2) ensure that the Department of Justice (DOJ) issues guidance to cities, and (3) put federal money behind helping cities transition away from using police as the first and only responders in these circumstances.

This is but one of many actions we must take to address the racist police violence against Black people in our country – and a necessary one if we're to achieve a future where all our communities are safe. Please help save lives and push for these community-based and civilian-led solutions now.


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