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Over the past few years, the State of Illinois has acted to expand meaningful access to reproductive health care, in the face of attacks on this health care in many states across the country. Now we need to take the next step and repeal the dangerous Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act. The Illinois General Assembly soon will have an opportunity to continue our progress and change this law. We must trust youth and remove hurdles to their access to reproductive health care.

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It's time for Illinois to Repeal PNA
Dear State Representatives,

It is time to repeal Illinois’ dangerous Parental Notice of Abortion Act. Over the past two and a half years, Illinois has made progress expanding access to reproductive health care by passing House Bill 40 and the Reproductive Health Act – even as other states have moved to ban all access to abortion care.

Now is the time for Illinois to repeal an unnecessary law that forces youth to notify a designated set of adults, a law that risks delay and interference in access to reproductive health care.

We all want a young person who facing a decision about terminating an unplanned pregnancy to be able to get guidance and advice from the trusted adults in their life. But in real life, a parent, grandparent, step parent or legal guardian is not always someone the youth can turn to for support or guidance. Youth in these families fear abuse, getting kicked out of the house, being forced into continuing a pregnancy against their wishes, or other harms. No law can fix these problems and create healthy family communication. Instead, this law can place these youth at even more risk.

The current law is not only dangerous, it is unfair. Illinois law allows a pregnant teen to make every other decision related to a pregnancy – to carry the pregnancy to term, to agree to an adoption, to consent to complex medical care – all without being compelled to notify or consult anyone that they don’t want to involve. It is only when a minor decides to terminate the pregnancy that the notification requirement applies. This must be changed.

When parental involvement is forced in decisions around abortion, it can decrease young people’s access to health care and undermine their safety. With threats to reproductive rights from Washington, it is critical to keep making progress in Illinois to ensure access to health care for everyone.

I urge you to keep Illinois moving forward and repeal PNA.


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