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HB 3447 implements a proven public health approach, eliminating the failed policies of the “War on Drugs.” The bill reclassifies the charge for simple possession of all drugs from a felony to a misdemeanor and provides access to drug treatment for those who are arrested. Make your voice heard in support of this bill!

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Support HB 3447!

I write to urge you to sponsor and support House Bill 3447 to strengthen our communities and take a proven public health approach to drug use in Illinois. In short, the bill addresses our broken criminal justice system by rejecting decades of failed policies driven by the “War on Drugs” in favor of a proven public health approach aimed at reducing the harms associated with drug use.

From 2016 to 2018, 20,000 people in Illinois were convicted of felonies for possessing small amounts of drugs, and 7,500 were imprisoned. While the War on Drugs has done little to fulfill any of the promises made when we “get tough on crime,” it has driven mass incarceration. It is time for a different approach.

HB 3447 reduces the charges for possessing a small amount of drugs in Illinois from a felony to a misdemeanor, and help people who need drug treatment access services in their communities. This approach is not only proven, it is popular. More than three-quarters of voters (79%) in Illinois support this measure.

It is time to move beyond the failed policies of the past and take a public health approach to drug use. I urge you to sponsor and support HB 3447.


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