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Trans Justice Message Action
Trans Justice Message Action

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We must stop any effort to criminalize trans people and the families and communities who love us. Send your message loud and clear: Tell your Members of Congress to protect trans people from discrimination.

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Your U.S. Representative

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The attacks on the freedom and dignity of trans people and their families continue to escalate, with one-third of the country that has passed laws that criminalize and ban access to gender-affirming care. The next stage of the fight for basic LGBTQ freedoms is here, and it affects everyone — even in states that haven’t seen any anti-trans attacks.

Legislation has already been introduced by the most extreme anti-LGBTQ Members of Congress, led by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, that would criminalize the health care trans people need. While such a law is beyond the pale, it won’t be the last. Any national ban on gender-affirming care would be devastating. You and your elected Members of Congress are our last line of defense against this national threat.