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The Trump administration has proposed new rules that would dramatically limit the right to demonstrate near the White House and on the National Mall. It's also proposing making people pay to protest. Such fees could have made the most important demonstrations in our nation's history – like Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech – too expensive to have ever happened.

The Senate will soon vote on whether to confirm Trump's nominee Raymond David Vela as director of the National Park Service, which manages these areas. Send a message to your senators now: Demand that Vela pledges to withdraw Trump's proposed rule. Our free speech rights are on the line.

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Protesters in front of DC national monuments and White House
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Protect our right to protest at the White House and National Mall

As your constituent, I urge you to protect my First Amendment right to protest by demanding that Trump's nominee to head the National Park Service, Raymond David Vela, pledge to withdraw Trump's proposed rule to severely limit protest near the White House and on the National Mall.

It's up to you to stop this proposed rule before it irreparably damages the fibers of our democracy. Demand that Vela pledges to withdraw this dangerous rule – right now.


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