Protect Our Right to Boycott

Democratic and Republican senators have made sneaking through a bill that attacks our First Amendment freedoms their priority. The Combating BDS Act, part of the new Senate's first bill, encourages states to adopt anti-boycott laws – the very same ones that federal courts in Arizona and Kansas blocked on First Amendment grounds.

If passed, the bill would encourage states to penalize Americans who dare to participate in a boycott, divestment, or sanction against Israel and Israeli-controlled territories. States should not be suppressing expression they find objectionable or politically unpopular, and Congress shouldn't be egging them on.

It's up to us to stop Congress from trampling on our First Amendment right to express our political beliefs.

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Protect our free speech - oppose the Combating BDS Act

As your constituent, I urge you to vote no on S. 1, the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act, which includes language from the Combating BDS Act. This provision was unable to move forward in the 115th Congress, primarily due to First Amendment concerns. Now, as their first bill of the new Congress, Senators have introduced another version of this bill that would encourage states to adopt unconstitutional measures intended to suppress protected political expression when those opinions are disfavored by the government.

It’s unacceptable that Congress would attempt to stifle our freedom of expression - especially as its first priority. I urge you to oppose the Combating BDS Act, and any effort allowing the government to treat citizens differently based on the peaceful expression of our political positions. Our First Amendment rights are at stake.


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